Practice Areas

Stephens & Stephens LLP is a full service law firm providing transactional and civil litigation services to its clients.  Often these areas overlap and provide Stephens & Stephens LLP’s attorneys with a breadth of knowledge that spans across multiple areas of law.  This breadth of knowledge is one of the things that make Stephens & Stephens LLP valuable to its clients:  We see the whole picture of how legal decisions will impact you, your family, and your business.  Below is a non-exhaustive list of categories that Stephens & Stephens LLP regularly practices in:


Real Estate

Estate Planning

Employment Law

Construction Law



Corporate Formation

Stephens & Stephens LLP is well known for its guidance in the formation of business entities for its clients.  The attorneys at Stephens & Stephens LLP have voluminous experience forming corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, sole proprietorships, joint ventures, and non-profit entities in California and across the nation.  In addition to forming a new business entity, Stephens & Stephens LLP can help with related filings, permits, licenses and other organizational issues.  Post-formation, Stephens & Stephens LLP assists with preparing and updating minutes of board of directors and shareholder meetings, LLC and partnership agreements and amendments, and other documentation and filings relating to entity records maintenance.  Our attorneys work closely with your tax advisers as optimal tax treatment is a primary focus in every transaction.  Finally, Stephens & Stephens LLP dissolves all types of business entities whose usefulness is at an end.

Business Litigation

Stephens & Stephens LLP’s business litigation practice covers the full spectrum of litigation services, including trials and appeals in federal and state courts.

Contract Law

Stephens & Stephens LLP negotiates, writes, and advises on all matters of contract formation, interpretation, and litigation.  Contract law affects individuals and business on a daily basis.  Contract law is a central focus of what we at Stephens & Stephens LLP focus on because it affects every area of our practice, including but not limited to real estate, corporate purchase and sale agreements, leases, employment law, and construction law.  No individual or business has to sign a contract without having it reviewed to make sure that it does not put them in a position where they will not benefit.  Stephens & Stephens LLP makes sure that our clients know what their contracts mean and how they impact them.  We fiercely negotiate all contracts to make sure our clients are properly protected and will benefit from entering the transaction.

Shareholder Derivative Actions/Securities Class Actions

Stephens & Stephens LLP’s shareholder derivative litigation and securities class action practice focuses on protecting and enhancing shareholder rights and value, holding directors and officers accountable, and improving corporate governance at companies across the country.   We represent investors who demand integrity and accountability in corporate boardrooms, and who want to be part of the solution when corporate fraud or misconduct occurs.  No matter what size your stakeholder position is in a public or private company, you have rights to hold corporate fiduciaries accountable.



Real Estate

Stephens & Stephens LLP advises land owners, contractors, developers, and investors, in private and business real estate transactions.  We undertake all matters, including but not limited to real estate financing, purchase and sale agreements, leasing, land use, environmental counseling, real estate litigation, and agriculture law. 



Estate Planning:  Trusts and Estates

Stephens & Stephens LLP’s attorney use their talents and experience to provide advice and representation to individuals and families in the worlds of trusts, estate planning, tax planning, business succession, estate administration, probate, and conservatorship and guardianship issues.  We work closely with our clients to make sure that their goals and wishes will be met.  Stephens & Stephens LLP’s approach is to combine tax, estate planning, and probate or trust administrative experience with the way businesses and families interact during a person’s lifetime, as well as after a person’s death.  Stephens & Stephens LLP combines expertise in business, trusts, estate planning, and tax law and the overall skills of the firm in corporate, tax and real estate to provide a broad base of support to the Firm’s trusts and estates practice.

Probate & Trust Administration

Stephens & Stephens LLP represents all fiduciaries and heirs in their probate and trust administration practice to effectively and efficiently administer estates.

Trust Litigation

Stephens & Stephens LLP represents trustees, executors, beneficiaries, and any other individual or entity involved in a trust or probate dispute.  Stephens & Stephens LLP represents them in an efficient and cost effective manner while considering their clients emotions in these matters.  Trust and estate litigation requires skilled and experienced counsel that can understand and appreciate both the intricate and often complex legal and financial issues involved as well as the delicate and often emotional nature of these cases. Stephens & Stephens LLP has the experience and the expertise, and is committed to providing its clients with the highest level of personal service, while maintaining the utmost discretion.



Employment Law

Stephens & Stephens LLP provides dedicated and aggressive representation on behalf of its clients in all areas of employment law.  Whether it be employment counseling, forming executive agreements, traditional employment litigation, or wage and hour class actions, Stephens & Stephens LLP possesses the resources and experience to deliver the outstanding service clients expect of a large and sophisticated law firm, melded with the responsiveness of a one-on-one personal relationship.  The firm has a proven track record representing plaintiffs, business, public entity and private defendants in both state and federal courts. 



Construction Law

Stephens & Stephens LLP represents clients in all aspects of the construction process, beginning with the design and planning phase, contract negotiation and drafting, construction management, claims avoidance, claims resolution, project closeout, post construction disputes, and construction defect litigation. Stephens & Stephens LLP has extensive experience representing developers, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and design professionals, as well as residential and commercial property owners, in all areas of construction law.